San Francisco to Seattle via Pacific Coast Highway 1

San Francisco to Seattle via the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH 1)

For my first ever online blog post, I have to say that I debated pretty hard about whether I should do an introduction about myself or dive into the content I have been anxious to share. To start this thing off, how about I share a little about myself and a lot about the best trip I have in the books so far?!

ABOUT ME: For me, travelling started as a career choice in the healthcare field. I became a travel nurse on various contracts with a pretty awesome travel nursing agency that took care of me for over 4 years strong. I was able to live in multiple locations from Nashville, Tennessee to as far west as California. From picky eater to food lover, from shy girl to can’t stop talking, from scared to leave to getting through airports with ease, these adventures have really helped me grow and learn to use my resources!
So welcome to my blog where I will talk about my favorite trips, offer recommendations based on experience, post food that was to die for, and maybe even put together mini travel itineraries (for those who don’t like to plan but love to travel!)
Now to the good stuff!
From miles of coast line views to feeling like an ant next to colossal redwoods, from fresh raw oysters and crab in the cold Pacific waters to being a first time wine connoisseur in Napa, I had an exhausting but an amazing trip!
This trip was originally going to be just a week in Seattle over Spring Break with the highlight of the journey being attending the Red Hot Chili Peppers (big concert goer here). However, this turned into a “Hey, let’s do San Francisco then drive the famed PCH (Pacific Coast Highway 1) to Seattle!” idea that we kind of went with last minute.

Day 1:

  • We landed in San Francisco mid morning and immediately went to see the Golden Gate Bridge to appease my obsession with bridges (pictured left).



  • Found a Hop On-Hop Off bus that took us by the famous Painted Ladies (as seen on Full House, Mrs. Doubtfire, and many other movies) on the right
  • Spent the evening on Pier 39 where we watched the sea lions, enjoyed fresh crab legs and purchased Ghirardelli chocolate for home
  • For the next two nights, I arranged accommodations at the Villa Florence hotel that was within walking distance to most things downtown in Union Square, San Francisco. This hotel featured what I felt like was the world’s smallest bathroom…. (now noted: small rooms tend to be a feature of most SF businesses and homes)

Day 2:

  • This is where the driving began. We drove 45 minutes North to spend our morning walking the Muir Woods National Monument that featured the infamous California Redwoods.


Muir Woods was planned from about 8 am to 12 noon including drive time and grabbing memorabilia and coffee at the visitor center on site.

Talk about feeling small! These colossal trees did not get justice served in nearly every. single. one. of my photos.






Castello di Amorosa (<Check out the link if you’re planning a Napa trip)

I like castles. I like wine. Combine the two for some history on 13th century castle building while sampling not 5, but 10 of their best wines and we had ourselves a castle wine tour in the books! Pretty pricey ($40 per person when we went), but we wanted to make the most of our short trip in wine country.


  • V. Satturi winery was where we ended our Napa experience with a bottle of wine and premium cheese for a picnic on their lawn.
  • Wrapped our half day up in Napa after Muir Woods to head back to Villa Florence in San Francisco where we got cleaned up and had a 5-Star meal at Farallon’s in Union Square



Not pictured is the 1 1/2 ounce of Caviar that was supplemented with my duck confeit on the bottom. First time having Caviar, and I liked it! I felt so fancy.

Farallon Link for the restaurant’s home page and menu selection.

Day 3:

  • Rented a Mercedes C-300 to drive Highway 1 from San Francisco to Seattle. Took coastline pictures of little coastal towns with beaches not significantly populated along the way.



We found out the hard way that PCH, or Highway 1, whichever you want to call it, is not your normal highway. We averaged a whopping speed of about 40 miles per hour, and went through winding downhill curves that were 90 degrees with falling rocks in some places!

Day 4:

  • Drove through the Chandelier tree (below) in Leggett, California.Chandelier Tree

This Coastal Redwood is 315 feet and up to 2400 years old!

  • Made it through dreary, rainy Portland, Oregon about 1 pm then crashed about midnight in Bandon (another small coastal city north of Portland)


Day 5:
More driving… so much driving that seemed to never end, on top of rain and cold Seattle fog. But we finally made it, Seattle after driving almost 3 days!

  • Unpacked at the Motiff in Seattle where we had just enough time to take a break, shower, then Uber to the Key Arena where we were only 13 rows back from none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers, baby!

Day 6:

  • Ventured outside of Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls, WA so I could get my waterfall fix (below)
    Snoqualmie Falls

It was super touristy when we went, but worth it for some of the cool shots and videos.

If I could go back, I would plan better and do dinner in the lodge on the left overlooking to falls!



Day 7:

Today we decided very easily on the Space Needle for an early dinner after spending the morning walking the Public Market.



*We probably complained about the cold a bit much  while in Seattle, but I would blame being a little cranky on the exhaustion from all the driving.

Was it all worth it? Heck yes! Would I go back to Seattle again in March? Probably not, but I would go back in the summer/fall for optimal weather and add hiking Mount Rainier to the list as well as ATV’ing the Sand Dunes along the Oregon Coast line!  😊

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8 thoughts on “San Francisco to Seattle via Pacific Coast Highway 1

  1. I absolutely love this blog! You are inspiring me to travel with Adri this upcoming year! I might need to get some travel advise from you soon!! Can’t wait to see the next journey you post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We just finished a two week road trip, incorporating a family reunion and a partial Pacific Coast Highway drive. We started mid-state in Oregon, down Highway 101 and Highway 1 through the Redwoods and a bit south. Highway 1 through the mountains just south of the Redwoods was a doozy! But it was beautiful! We had to cut out after that. We plant to head back and drive up from San Diego to see the southern CA piece in the future. An amazing trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anywhere on the pacific coast is an excellent area to host a family reunion! Glad you were able to make a scenic road trip out of it while you were on the coast!
      We really enjoyed Oregon even though it was raining half the time we were there. Driving was a bit tedious, but it was still worth it. Maybe one day we can make a SoCal road trip happen. Love me some San Diego as well!!

      Liked by 1 person

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