Nobody travels for free: Influencers are being less than honest

Whoa.. That’s a very charged title considering how the majority of travel bloggers are claiming to have or promote a certain lifestyle. I am here to say, obviously, that it is not easy. It’s not hard to the point where it should be acceptable with work, effort, and education: BUT it’s so hard that I would say impossible (but not quite there yet). WHY THOUGH?!

Travel blogging is a joke because:

  1. Your content reaches a portion of your followers. Wait, what? Followers on instagram or facebook will not see your posts if they follow you unless they “turn on post notifications” or regularly interact with you. So basically people have to “double follow.” Getting followers is hard enough if you’re not a 5″5 120 lb model that does full fledged photo shoots when you travel, now it’s that times 10 harder.
  2. You have to have more than one account and upload countless pictures. Most travel bloggers will have more than one account, use other peoples photos, and not even know about the locations they are showing. Deceiving, right? Well its the truth.
  3. Most influencers with over 100K followers got those followers before the algorithm changed.
  4. You have to pay to promote your content.
  5. You have to use facebook, instagram, newsletters, join engagement pods, write a blog, and post content that people want to see so its basically full time hours on top of your day job.
  6. You will get followed, then unfollowed. You will get comments of solicitation to follow their account on your best photos. You will have other bloggers try to tell you to buy accounts that already have a follower base. You will get asked to pay to promote your account. I personally got told I had low self esteem when I asked for a shout out. ETC.
  7. Lastly, you don’t travel anywhere or get endorsements unless people comment and like your stuff and most people keep scrolling.
  8. Webinars say you can write a blog and get a free hotel stay: that’s a lie. They want you to join their personal blog, podcast, or social media site with about 2 pieces of useful information that will tell you the rude truth.
  9. New to blogging? I wish you the best. I hope it’s just for fun.

Drop some feedback: Am I jaded? or Am I doing this wrong?

3 thoughts on “Nobody travels for free: Influencers are being less than honest

  1. You are right on so many levels! Whether it’s how only a tiny fraction of our followers see our content, the follow/unfollow game, paying to promote posts… It’s anything but easy, and basically a full time job. At least it’s fun though, if it isn’t fun anymore it just wouldn’t be worth doing anymore.
    Good read and we don’t think you are jaded!

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